Boiler Repairs

Hexham Boilers

Hexham Boilers provide trustworthy boiler repair in Hexham, installation, and maintenance work, as well as upgrades and inspections. We also specialise in delivering viable solutions for boiler, heating, and electrical systems. 

Boiler Service

1. Re pressurises your boiler.
2. Change thermostat batteries.
3. Bleed your radiators.
4. Reset your boiler.
If all fails contact Hexham Boilers and we can replace your boiler for you. If you like in 3 bedroom semi or above, with a suspended timber floor, we can offer you a free boiler.

A cracked boiler can be repaired, but we recommend you replace the boiler with a new one, often you can get a free boiler if you like in 3 bedroom semi or above, with a suspended timber floor.

Hexham Boilers are your local boiler repair company, boiler service, new boilers, boiler installation Hexham and free boilers Hexham.

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Hexham Boiler Repairs

Hexham Boiler Repairs
With our company, you can even receive excellent boiler repair services. Whether you need re-piping, replacements for your plumbing, or comprehensive maintenance for your boiler system, contact us, and you will receive the quality you deserve.

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